Our mission is to inspire and empower people to reduce plastic consumption and waste through everyday choices and actions.

Zero Waste Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation who provides education, community engagement, sustainable living advice and leads conversations on the growing issues of our waste and recycling system with Victorian councils, businesses, schools and community groups. We host information stalls, talks and workshops to inspire and empower waste reduction and sustainable actions.

If you would like to engage the services of Zero Waste Victoria, or enquire about how we can support your initiatives to reduce waste, please email info@zerowastevictoria.org.au.


ABOUT US (Beginnings)

The seed for Zero Waste Victoria was unknowingly sown when Hannah Mitchell saw a post in one of her Facebook groups asking a question about zero waste. She tried to find a local zero waste group but there wasn’t one, so she started the Zero Waste Victoria Facebook group to help with building local connections.

Hannah initially asked Lauren who was in a similar position of wanting local connections too.  Later on, they approached Erin Rhoads, a zero waste speaker, community activist and zero waste lifestyle blogger and now a published zero waste author. Over time, additional people with a wide range of knowledge and a passion to minimise waste have stepped up to manage the growing Facebook group. With an average of 60 people joining the group each week, people are becoming increasingly concerned and aware of the need to reduce waste.  Currently we have over 7,000 members and 17.7K of posts, comments and reactions per month, it is a very active group supporting people on their zero waste journey!

Erin had an idea to take the war on waste to the streets, with an educational stall at the National Sustainability Festival 2017. Her idea was to provide a fun space where everyday people could see the simple swaps we can all make to reduce the waste Victorians send to landfill. She put an expression of interest out to the Facebook group to see who was interested in supporting this event , and the response was well received.  Emily Hui, Lisa Sturgess, Che Hall and Kirsty Bishop-Fox volunteered to join the team with Erin to organise the event. This was a great success and Zero Waste Victoria continued to design and facilitate zero waste education activities at many other events.

These community education activations continued and then we took the war on waste message further, by holding our own event bringing waste warriors and interested community members together for the inaugural Zero Waste Festival in August 2018.

Zero Waste Victoria has grown even further, receiving more requests to educate and inspire people to minimise their waste in a wide range of opportunities.  We are grateful for everyone who has supported us so far, and are thrilled that we can also take a professional approach to inspire and empower more people and organisations with their efforts to make sustainable changes.

In March 2019, Zero Waste Victoria became a registered not-for-profit organisation who provides education and advice and leads public discussions on the growing issues of our waste and recycling system and the importance of reducing waste with Victorian councils, businesses, schools and community groups.

If you would like Zero Waste Victoria to support your event or you would like to get the conversation started about reducing waste, please email info@zerowastevictoria.org.au.